UV Care 6-in-1 Air Purifier


Indoor air is proven to be hundreds of times more polluted than the air outdoors, and it worsens as the number of inhabitants inside an indoor space increases. Let UV Care help you breathe in clean, germ-free air.

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • 6 Stages Filtration: Washable Elementary Pre-Filter, 99.97% True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon, Photo Catalyst Filter, UV-C Lamp, Negative Ions
  • 99.9% PM 2.5 Purification Rate, 97.6 % Germ Purification Rate, 96.2% Formaldehyde Purification Rate
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 260 m3/h
  • Wind Speed: 3 Speeds + Automatic
  • Functions: PM 2.5 Sensor, Timer, Sleep, Child Lock
  • Measurements: L 33 cm x W 17 cm x H 51 cm
  • SKU Code: NCP-10080823

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