Safety 1st Custom Care 3-Stage Bath Center


Safety 1st Custom Care 3 Stage Bath Center features a modular system that provides comfort in every stage of your little one's growth. Position the small tub horizontally to cradle newborns, recline the seat vertically for babies and remove the tub to give toddlers enough space for bath time fun. It's a stage-by-stage bathing essential designed for the comfort and convenience of mother and child.

  • Newborn Position: provides physical closeness & eye contact to create bonding moments during bath time; Brings baby closer, causing less stress to back and knees
  • Reclined Infant Support: Keeps a wobbly baby stable and secure; Positions baby at a slight recline for easy access cleaning while providing optimal head & back support
  • Toddler Tub: Deep ergonomic design offers freedom and mobility while bathing; Contoured backrest and seat for support in sitting unassisted
  • With drainer
  • Non-slip head rest
  • Measurements: L 46 x W 20 x H 73 cm

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